Secret court hearing for Swedish terror suspects

Three people suspected of terrorist activities have appeared before a Swedish court in a case classified as top secret and in which Britain's Scotland Yard is involved, Swedish media reported on Tuesday.

Three of five people arrested by Swedish police earlier this month at the request of Scotland Yard appeared in a Malmö district court on Monday to face charges of suspected terrorism, regional daily Sydsvenska Dagbladet reported in its online edition.

“They have been singled out by British authorities as being involved in terrorist crimes,” the paper said, providing no other details on the charges.

A clerk at the Malmö court would not confirm that the case was heard on Monday, saying only that “a case classified as top secret was heard.”

A defence lawyer identified by the newspaper, Susanne Bergmyr, was also tight-lipped.

“I’m not at liberty to say anything,” she told AFP.

According to Sydsvenska Dagbladet, the hearing on Monday was to determine whether or not to hand over to British authorities computer equipment that belongs to the suspects which was seized by Swedish police.

The three suspects were identified by the newspaper only as two men and a woman.

Another suspect in the case who did not appear in court on Monday is a man who is already serving a prison sentence in Malmö for “another crime”, Sydsvenska Dagbladet said.

The fifth suspect was not summoned to appear in court, “indicating that the seizures of his (materials) were not of interest to the British authorities”, it said.

Top secret trials in Sweden are rare and are usually only held when matters of national security are involved.