SVT slashes news budget

Swedish public broadcaster SVT is cutting its news budget in favor of more drama programs aimed at younger viewers for its 2007 lineup.

SVT plans on cutting 70 million kronor from news and society programs, and plans to invest in programs such as “Svensson Svensson,” news agency TT Spektra reported Wednesday.

Programs set to feel the budget ax are “Dokument utifrån” and “Faktum.” Another 20 million kronor will be cut from the news division as well.

“It is going to be news broadcasts that will be cut down,” said SVT’s program director, Leif Jakobsson, adding that did not involve the flagship “Rapport” or “Aktuellt” broadcasts.

The program “Studio 24” will also be dropped, and business news program “A-ekonomi” and “24 Direct” could also be on the chopping block later this year.

SVT is planning on creating a new drama series inspired by the popular British show “EastEnders,” which will be shown three times per week and will be produced in Gothenburg.

SVT said it wants to pull in the 15-44-year-old crowd with its 2007 lineup.

“My guess is that it is going to have personnel consequences,” said Johan Lindén, head of current affairs at SVT.