Weathergirl in nude pics storm

Sweden’s TV4 meteorologist Tone Bekkestad is being punished by the station after the Norwegian weather forecaster posed for sexy pictures in a recent issue of a popular men’s magazine.

The piece in Slitz magazine was highlighting Sweden’s best looking women.

Bekkestad’s pose – in tight, low-cut jeans, an open black blazer, and with her cleavage partly showing – was apparently too much for the broadcaster.

Bekkestad, who said she was duped by the magazine thinking it would use other less provocative pictures, was reportedly put on at least three months’ leave from her duties as a result.

“She won’t be in the frame because her pictures in Slitz don’t fit with what TV4 stands for,” said Kinna Bellander, channel spokeswoman, reported media industry magazine Resumé.

Bekkestad has criticized Slitz for the publication of the pictures. The magazine said it did not trick Bekkestad, saying she had a great time during the photo shoot.

Were the pictures too risqué? Judge for yourself – find the pics on Slitz’s website.