Many Left politicians have bad debts

Many politicians running for election this September are deeply in debt and are dealing with Sweden's state debt collection agency.

The Left Party has the most idebted candidates. Of those candidates taking part in the parliamentary elections this September, 35 people – 5 percent – are in debt to a total of 3.2 million kronor. The majority is made up of unpaid taxes, student loans, and other financial support, according to Swedish Radio.

“The only explanation you see immediately is that our candidates on average have lower wages and income,” said Mats Einarsson, a Left Party spokesman. “It is more common among low-income earners to have debts of various types.”

The Liberal Party is the second highest group with 24 candidates who are in debt for 2.3 million kronor. The other Parliamentary parties have between nine and 16 candidates each who are registered with the debt collection agency.