Midsummer: take an umbrella

Sweden can look forward to celebrating the coming of summer with traditional Midsummer weather: clouds, rain and storms. That's according to the latest forecasts from Swedish meteorological agency SMHI.

“We are now facing a pretty unstable weather situation,” said SMHI weatherman Håkan Hultberg.

Anyone planning to eat their picked herrings under open skies might do well to have a plan B. Friday, Midsummer’s Eve, is expected to be mainly cloudy, although there will be sunny spells in most parts of the country. Showers likely in many areas, and there could be localized thunderstorms.

The north and west are expected to get most of the rain, while the coasts are expected to be mainly sunny. Temperatures at lunchtime on Friday are expected to vary from lows of 11 degrees centigrade in parts of western Sweden to 20 degrees in the far north.

Stockholm is expected to reach 19 degrees, Gothenburg 16 degrees and Malmö 17 degrees.