Major fire at Helsingborg dump

A major fire broke out on Saturday morning at a garbage dump near Helsingborg, southern Sweden.

The fire, at the Filborna dump, broke out at around 9 am.

“Storage buildings are burning. There is highly flammable material stored inside them, meaning that gasoline and oil is burning, causing occasional explosions,” said Lennart Nilsson, head of the Helsingborg fire department.

The presence of oil and gasoline means that the fire is being treated as ‘very serious’.

“It makes it very hard to control,” Nilsson said.

Fire engines from the whole district have been called in to help extinguish the blaze, but there are no residential areas in the immediate vicinity of the fire, and nobody has been evacuated.

Firefighters were at lunchtime on Saturday trying to contain the blaze.

“We haven’t got to the stage of extinguishing it yet – it’s still too big,” said Nilsson.

Firefighters are expected to be at the scene all day. Traffic near the scene, on Välavägen, is being diverted.