Persson’s popularity picks up

With less than three months to go before Sweden’s national elections, Prime Minister Göran Persson is in a dead heat with his chief contender, Moderate Fredrik Reinfeldt, according to a poll released on Monday.

Persson’s personal popularity has lagged behind that of his rival during previous months, but the new Demoskop poll shows the incumbent with the support of 40 percent of voters compared to Reinfeldt’s 39 percent.

This is a clear increase for Persson, a Social Democrat, who had support of 33 percent of voters during the last survey taken in April. Reinfeldt increased one percent since April.

The survey interviewed nearly one thousand people between June 5-14. Some 22 percent of those questioned are still undecided, a figure that is down from 29 percent in April.

Persson is considered better on issues including healthcare and eldercare, while Reinfeldt is considered better able to reduce unemployment rates.

The new survey chimes with recent polls of voting intentions, which show that the Red-Green coalition led by Persson is in a dead heat with Reinfeldt’s Alliance.

Elections are set to take place September 17th.