Man jailed for daughter’s circumcision

A man who arranged for his daughter to be circumcised has been jailed for four years by Gothenburg District Court.

The man was found guilty of taking his daughter to Somalia to have her genitals mutilated. The case was the first prosecution under a Swedish law against female circumcision introduced back in 1982.

The man, a 41-year old Swedish citizen who has lived in the country since the eighties, had denied the charges against him. He said that other people had carried out the crime on his daughter, who was 12-years old when the procedure took place last year.

The man was also convicted of illegally taking two of his children to Somalia in 2002. He had denied the charges, saying that the mother had agreed to the two children taking a trip to the African country.

The court passed the judgments unanimously, saying that the man’s daughter had been a credible witness.

The father has been told to pay compensation for 300,000 kronor to his daughter. She had demanded 650,000 kronor.

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