Axl Rose arrested after Stockholm drunken brawl

Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose was taken into custody by Stockholm police on Tuesday morning after allegedly biting a hotel security guard.

”He has been taken into custody, but I can’t comment on anything more than that,” police spokesman Lars-Erik Larsson told The Local.

Officer Towe Hägg said the rock star was in a cell still drunk at 11 am on Tuesday. She said he is being charged with damaging property, assaulting a security guard, and threatening police in the squad car on the way to the station.

“We have a rock star, but we won’t confirm the name yet,” Hägg told The Local. “I’m not sure if he was taken away in handcuffs, but he is in the drunk cell and we are waiting for him to sober up before we talk to him.”

Hägg said the cell is between seven and eight square meters and has a mattress. She said the star will have a chance to contact a lawyer when he speaks to police, adding that drunks can only be in the cell for a maximum of six hours before police speak to them.

The rock star, who played a concert Monday night in the capital’s Globen arena, was taken into custody by Stockholm police after reportedly fighting with a woman early Tuesday.

A hotel security guard tried to break up the fight when he was hit and bitten by Rose, reported Aftonbladet.

“We have no comment for now, but he was taken shortly before 8 am this morning,” said Lotta Dracken, marketing manager at Berns Hotel told The Local. “I have been told by my superiors not to say more than what the police are saying.”

The 30-year-old security guard, who broke up the fight between a woman and Rose, was bitten in the leg and taken to a hospital for evaluation Tuesday morning.

“He was taken to the hospital this morning in order to see if there was any risk of him getting tetanus,” said Antonio Saluena, the chef of the private security company employing the injured guard, according to Aftonbladet.

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