Axl Rose could flee ? police keep him locked up

Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose, arrested in Stockholm on Monday after allegedly biting a security guard, has been kept locked up by Swedish prosecutors.

“The reason I’ve decided to keep him locked up is that there’s a risk that he’ll disappear, and then we won’t be able to have a trial,” prosecutor Fredrik Ingblad told The Local.

Ingblad said that he can hold Rose for up to three days before he needs to apply to a court to keep him locked up beyond then.

“There is a possibility that there could be a hearing this evening, and I could decide to drop the decision to keep him in custody, but we have not reached that point yet,” he told The Local at 5:30pm on Monday.

The veteran star is facing charges of assaulting a security guard and criminal damage against Stockholm’s exclusive Berns Hotel. Tabloid reports in Sweden quote witnesses saying Rose bit the security guard on the leg. Police have neither confirmed nor denied the reports.