SAS to demand fingerprints from flyers

All Swedish domestic passengers on Scandinavian airline SAS will have to give their fingerprints at checkin from this fall.

Passengers will have to give a fingerprint at the checkin desk when they arrive at the airport, and the image of their imprint will be temporarily stored.

They will then have to give another fingerprint when boarding the plane. The two fingerprints will be compared by the computer system.

“All that will be needed when boarding the plane is a fingerprint – nothing else,” wrote SAS product manager Peter Söderlund in a press release.

Luleå in northern Sweden will be the first airport to introduce the system, which is being introduced through a cooperation with Lund-based Precise Biometrics. Fingerprint checkin will then be introduced gradually at other airports on the SAS network.

The fingerprint controls are SAS’s response to the tightening of security criteria for domestic flights by Swedish aviation authorities.

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