Haga Man trial resumes with attempted murder case

The trial of Nicolas Lindgren, the so-called Haga Man, continues on Wednesday after a Midsummer break.

The 33 year old is accused of a series of sex attacks on women aged 15 to 51. Four of these are classed as serious rapes, while two were so brutal that they are being tried as attempted murder.

The Haga Man name came from the fact that he found his first victim in the Haga area of Umeå in 1998. Over the next seven years he terrorised the city with intermittent attacks on lone women late at night. He has admitted to five of the rapes.

A psychiatric examination of Lindgren showed that he was not suffering from serious psychiatric problems, and was therefore eligible to be jailed rather than sent to a secure hospital if convicted.

The court will hear on Wednesday about the attack on a 51-year-old woman who was raped, strangled, and was nearly drowned by Lindgren, according to prosecutors.

Leif Silbersky, Lindgren’s lawyer, has said his client did not intend to kill her.

The trial is set to end on Thursday.