Sex abuse victim blackmailed attacker

After being sexually abused as a youth, a 28 year old man found himself in court after blackmailing his alleged attacker for thousands of kronor over two years.

The 28 year old met with the man who he said sexually abused him years before back in 2003, telling the man he was going to tell the police if a financial agreement was not made.

The offender was to pay a certain amount in reparation to the victim and all would be forgotten. But, after paying out some 60,000 kronor from 2003 to 2005, the man being blackmailed went to the police.

Karlshamn district court in southern Sweden said on Tuesday that the 28 year old now has to pay back the 60,000 kronor he squeezed from his target, reported the local newspaper, Sydöstran.