‘Haga Man’ could get life imprisonment

'Haga Man' Niklas Lindgren on Wednesday apologised to his last victim, while his defence lawyer Leif Silbersky said that if he was found guilty on all counts, he would face life imprisonment.

During the trial in Umeå’s headquarters, the 33 year old has come face to face with six women. He has apologised to five of those for brutally raping them. But in the sixth case, he denies that he raped the then 15 year old girl in December 2000.

After Wednesday’s lunch break Lindgren was cross-examined about his final brutal rape attack in December 2005 near the Teg bridge.

Two experts from the National Criminal Laboratory also gave evidence relating to DNA which was collected at the scene of the attack. They stated that it was considered very likely that the DNA was Lindgren’s but that it could not be ruled out that it was from a close relative.

So DNA was taken from Lindgren’s two brothers. The tests showed that the brothers did not have the same DNA profile.

The truck driver who witnessed the attack also testified on Wednesday afternoon.

In the morning Lindgren met his final victim, a 51 year old woman who was accosted on a December night by the Teg bridge in central Umeå.

The woman was so badly beaten that as well as rape, Lindgren is being tried for attempted murder, a charge which he denies.

During the attack, Lindgren bit off part of the woman’s ear. According to the prosecutor he also tried to strangle her and drag her into the river.

Last week Lindgren gave his version of events and on Wednesday part of his testimony was made public. He had previously admitted the rape but had not provided details.

It emerged that he had thrown himself at the woman, knocking her to the ground. She ended up on her back and he sat astride her.

With both of his hands he began to throttle her, but she fought back and bit one of his fingers. In response, he bit her ear.

She escaped and ran but Lindgren caught her, and tracks in the snow revealed that he had dragged her towards the river.

He said that the brutal violence was an attempt to scare and silence the woman.

The morning’s proceedings were held behind closed doors and Lindgren’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky, declined to comment on what had been said.

Lindgren is charged with three counts of rape, two of serious rape and one attempted murder. The attacks took place over a period of seven years, starting in 1998.