Tensta bomb ‘not remote controlled’

The belt bomb that was attached to the waist of a Norwegian man on Sunday in a Stockholm suburb was live explosives, but was not remote controlled as feared, Stockholm police said on Thursday.

A 27-year-old, arrested on Sunday evening, was also ordered remand in custody on Thursday for his suspected link to the incident. His lawyer, Ann-Christin Danielsson, said he denies the allegations.

Police arrived in the suburb Tensta early Sunday morning, responding to calls about a man who claimed he was forced to wear a bomb belt by his kidnappers.

The man warned police that his captors had forced him to wear the bomb and that they were able to set it off with a call from a mobile phone. Police said on Thursday the device could not have been set off by remote control.

According to Per Hedén, police technician, all of the parts for a remote-controlled bomb were there, but said the wires were not connected properly.

Hedén, who was the officer who freed the man from the bomb in the late afternoon on Sunday, said the builder of the device most likely knew he was not activating the remote controlled feature of the bomb, but simply wanted to scare his victim.

The Norwegian, whose name has not been released by police, sat for nearly six hours as police evacuated more than 100 people from nearby buildings in preparation for the worst.

Police have put out arrest warrants for a 53 and 23-year-old man for their involvement in the bomb drama.

The victim was taken at 1 p.m. on June 21 at the Karlberg train station.