Hägglund: help people buy homes

People on low incomes should get state help to buy their own homes, Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund has said.

Hägglund, opening his party’s conference in Gothenburg on Thursday, said that people who find it difficult get mortgages from banks should be able to get loan guarantees from national or local government.

“This is a way to help more people to own their homes. There should be a home owning movement in the suburbs,” he told Dagens Nyheter. He said that such a scheme would help families with annual incomes of around 250,000 kronor.

Hägglund also emphasized his party’s family-focused policies. He reiterated the party’s policy that the proportion of parental leave taken by each parent should be decided entirely “around the kitchen table”, rather than being dictated by the state.

At present, at least 60 of the 480 days of state-subsidized parental leave must be taken by each parent.

The Christian Democrat conference continues until Saturday. The party is one of the four members of the centre-right Alliance.

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