Self-employed ‘should pay less for unemployed’

Self-employed people pay more into Sweden's state benefits system that they get out of it, and should have their contributions to unemployment benefit and sick benefit funds cut, the Liberal Party has said.

“It is reasonable that people who choose to become self-employed and who therefore do not benefit from the state’s social security package should be able to earn more money,” the party’s economic policy spokeswoman Karin Pilsäter said.

She argued that people who are self-employed find it hard to stop working entirely when they are ill, and said that unemployment benefits only cover lost salary, not lost clients or other costs.

The Liberals want to give the option for self-employed people to opt out of the sick benefits system, and in return paying lower sick benefit contributions.

Pilsäter also says that people should be able to opt out of the unemployment benefit system and thereby get out of paying financial contributions to the system.

A third proposal is that part of a self-employed person’s parental benefits should be able to be used to pay for a babysitter when that person has important meetings.