Täby gunman found dead

A major police operation was underway in Täby, north of Stockholm, early on Sunday morning, after a man began shooting wildly with an automatic weapon. An 18 year old girl was shot in the leg.

A man who was thought to be the gunman was later found dead.

Witnesses told of a man in camouflage gear and a beret who began spraying bullets all over the residential street at around 4am. The man was described as desperate.

The girl who was shot in the leg was taken to hospital for treatment.

Her injuries appeared to be serious, but just after 8am police said that she was not as badly hurt as first feared. Police continued to look for victims from the shooting during the morning. The man is said to have emptied several magazines in the incident.

Twenty police units and a helicopter were sent to the scene. Police spokesman Ulf Andersson said that at least 50 bullets had been fired.

During the morning a man, probably the gunman, called police and claimed that he had taken a hostage. Whether or not he was holding someone captive has not yet been established.

Later on, a bloody man was found dead in a stairwell in a residential block, not far from where the woman was shot.

His appearance matched the description given by witnesses and an AK-4 automatic weapon was found near him.

Everything indicates that the man took his own life.

The man’s identity and his relationship to the 18 year old girl are not yet known.