Train leaves 3-year old on platform

A family from Lidköping on a train ride was forced to watch as the train pulled away from the station leaving behind their 3-year-old son on Saturday in Skövde, in central Sweden.

Train personnel refused to stop the train and have been reported to the police for the incident.

The family, en route to Gothenburg, stepped onto the train, but the son didn’t make it on before the doors shut. The father tried to get train employees to open the doors, but according to police said they did not want to or could not do it.

The father pulled the emergency break while the train still stood still, but nothing happened. The train left and the powerless parents watched as their son was left.

The dad wanted to get off at the next station and take a taxi back, but the personnel said no, and suggested he take the next train back.

“It is crazy to leave a 3-year-old on the platform like that,” said a police spokesman. “A desperate child could have tried to get in before the doors shut and gotten stuck. We don’t know how that would have ended.”

An older couple saw the sad child at the Skövde platform and took care of him. He was reunited with his parents shortly after.

“The train stood still when the father pulled the emergency break. I don’t know why it was able to drive away,” said the police spokesman.

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