Diver knocks into woman’s body

Divers from Sweden's coastguard were searching a stretch of coastline in Skåne on Monday afternoon for a corpse spotted in the water on Sunday.

A man diving in the sea near Höganäs on Sunday told police he bumped into the body of a woman.

After several hours of searching on Sunday coastguard officials said they had not found any sign of the body. Benita Nilsson, spokeswoman for Skåne Police, said the search was being resumed on Monday afternoon.

“We’re not certain that it’s a corpse, as we’re never certain until we’ve found it, but the man certainly understood it to be a woman’s body.”

Nilsson said that police had no records of people missing in the north-west Skåne area.

“But it is possible that the currents could have carried a body here from further up the coast, or even from Denmark.”

The site where the man reported seeing the body is only around 10 kilometres from Denmark.

Police are concentrating their search on the area between Viken and Lerberget, south of Höganäs, the area in which the man was diving.

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