Alliance agrees to cut property tax

Sweden's opposition Alliance will on Tuesday present a joint policy on property tax at the Almedalen political gathering.

The four parties have finally come to an agreement to reduce the tax burden within the property tax system, despite differences of opinion as late as yesterday.

The leader of the Christian Democrats, Göran Hägglund, said on Monday that he could not say when the Alliance would be able to stand behind a coherent policy on the matter.

But the four leaders will hold a press conference in Visby, Gotland, on Tuesday morning. The head of communication for the Centre Party, Lena Forsman, confirmed to TT that the press conference concerned property tax.

“Certain things have been agreed upon and they relate to property tax,” she said.

“But I don’t know anything about the agreement itself. There were discussions late into the night.”

Rumours in Almedalen suggest that the parties have agreed – if they succeed in ousting the government in September’s election – to freeze the taxation values of properties at this year’s level throughout 2007.

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