Sweden’s youth unemployment tops Euro-league

The Swedish employment rate of 79 percent is nearly at the top in an international comparison, according to a report released on Monday by Statistics Sweden.

Only Denmark and Iceland have higher employment rates.

Nearly 76 percent of women in Sweden are employed, second only to Iceland when compared to other European countries.

Sweden is in the middle regarding unemployment with 8.3 percent.

Statistics Sweden’s figures show unemployment among youth is relatively high at 27.5 percent. Only Slovakia and Poland have higher numbers in April 2006.

The report said more foreign-born people are working in Sweden than during the mid-1990s.

Since 1997, employment of foreign-born people has gone up to 60 percent from 50 percent, while unemployment has fallen from 20 percent to 10 percent.

Employment during that same time period for native-born people has increased to 80 percent from 75 percent, while unemployment has fallen from 8 percent to 6 percent when compared to year 2005 averages.