Sex story student’s sentence reduced

A student who read a sex story to a children’s group last year has been found guilty of molestation, but not sexual molestation, the Swedish high court said on Wednesday.

The student read the graphic story to six-year-old children as part of a Dramatiska Institutet (DI) project.

According to the district court, the text was classified as adult pornography and the man was ordered to pay fines. The high court in Sweden disagreed with the lower court’s ruling and said the reading could not be classified as sexual molestation because the purpose of the reading was not to address or affect the students’ sexual drives.

The student had his fine reduced from that previously decided by the district court.

He said the purpose of the project was to see what relation school-age children have toward sexuality.

The Dramatiska Institutet received heavy criticism for its lack of guidance on the project. The student was allowed to continue.