Bare-chested forecaster restarts Tone row

Swedish TV4 is in stormy waters again for reprimanding its star weather woman Tone Bekkestad, this time after her colleague, the 60-year-old meteorologist Anders Nylund, on Wednesday morning did a weather broadcast from the shores of the Baltic bare-chested and in swimming trunks.

Last month Bekkestad appeared in Slitz magazine showing her flat belly and curves. The 35-year-old Norwegian weather woman said she was duped and that the magazine should not have published the steamy photos. TV4 thought the pictures were unacceptable and banned her from being in front of the camera for three months.

Some are now wondering why TV shamed Bekkestad for appearing in a tastefully-done photo shoot on her own time, while her colleague can do the news topless.

“I think it was fine for Anders to do it, but it feels unnecessary in this case since it is just continuing the debate again,” said TV4 sports announcer Peppe Eng to Aftonbladet. “I have thought the entire time that TV4 has been too hard on Tone.”

Nylund said there is no connection between his Baltic beach broadcast and Bekkestad’s photos.

“It was a different setting,” said Nylund, adding that there are other standards for women because they have breasts. “The difference is that women have two sex organs to cover and men only one.”

TV4 boss Kinna Bellander said there is no link to the beach broadcast and the photos.

“The connections to Tone Bekkestad are for me unintelligible,” she said. “What is sexist about a meteorologist in a swim suit?”