Swedish girls ‘forced into Webcam sex’

Three Swedish girls have alleged they were coerced into performing sex acts in front of their web cameras.

The girls, aged between 9 and 13, live in different parts of Gävle, a town 150 kilometres north of Stockholm. They began chatting with a mystery man through MSN Messenger, but after a while, the girls claim he wanted them to perform sexual acts on the web cameras.

If they did not agree, the girls said he threatened to send a virus to destroy their computers.

The girls said the man told them that the virus would work even if they turned the computers off and pulled the power cords, reported Aftonbladet. The trio buckled fearing their parents’ computers would be damaged.

The man told them, among other things, to go get certain food items from the kitchen and to begin rubbing it on themselves.

The three girls informed the police of the incident independently of each other, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

Police are inspecting two computers for clues and plan on contacting Microsoft in the United States for help in finding out the man’s identity.

“We’re talking about some serious and obscene things that we first didn’t believe were true,” said Jan Friberg, head of the family violence department.

“They are pretty worried that the perpetrator has recorded them and could release the video on the Internet.”