Elk hunted down after attack on man

A man was sent to the hospital on Thursday after being kicked and shoved by an elk while on an evening walk with his dog near Gothenburg.

The elk – a species similar to, but slightly smaller than a North American moose – was seen shortly before the encounter munching on a tree in the neighborhood when several kids began throwing things at it. The animal moved off, but was apparently a bit upset.

“It was terribly nasty,” said Christer, a neighbor who saw the pummeling. “I called to my wife, ‘ring the police.’”

The elk kicked the man in the chest and stomach and pushed him to the ground. When he was down the horse-sized animal stomped a bit more. The elk began to walk away, but as if remembering the taunting the kids gave him, he went back to the defenseless man on the ground and kicked some more.

“He is seriously hurt,” said Margareta Björkman, spokeswoman at Sahlgrenska University hospital to Aftonbladet. He was taken away by ambulance and has skull injuries.

Police decided to hunt down and kill the elk. The hunter asked to shoot the animal said the warm weather could be a cause for the elk’s aggression.