Victoria learns the art of diplomacy

Crown Princess Victoria is to attend an elite Swedish diplomat training program, it was announced from Stockholm’s Royal Palace on Friday.

The princess, who turns 29 in a week, will join twelve woman and eight men on the program. The course will start in September and run until June next year. Victoria will learn about Swedish foreign and security policy and the way the Swedish state works.

“The course will focus on various aspects of Swedis foreign policy and its relations with the rest of the world,” foreign ministry spokesman Jan Janonius told The Local.

The course is “a very good education,” according to palace spokesman Morgan Gerle.

“She is very interested in research on conflict resolution,” he said.

“The Crown Princess has previously carried out placements in Swedish government agencies abroad and at the United Nations. This is a part of her continuing programme.”

Victoria did not have to compete to get on the course – an extra place was created for her, Janonius said. Some 933 people applied for the 20 places on offer.

“These people have degrees and have studied in universities abroad,” Janonius said.

The princess’s education has also included a two-year spell at Yale, where she studied history and political science, which was preceded by one year at university in Angers, France.

The foreign ministry course includes a short spell abroad, at which participants will study a particular country, its government and society, as well as observing the work in the Swedish mission there. Janonius said that Victoria was expected to take part in this part of the program:

“She will be there for the whole course, except for when she is needed on official business in her role as Crown Princess.”