Armed diplomat threatens embassy staff

An armed man threatened staff at the Iranian embassy on the island of Lidingö, outside Stockholm, on Saturday.

Police were told at about 1pm that a middle-aged man was threatening staff with a ‘pistol-like object’. The man is employed at the embassy, according to Cecilia Julin at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press office.

“Police called us and someone from the foreign ministry went out to the embassy to act as an intermediary between the embassy and the police,” she said.

The man, said to be a middle-ranking diplomat, began working at the Iranian embassy in 2003 and, according to the foreign ministry, was soon to finish his stint there.

Later during the afternoon the man was taken into police custody.

“We helped the embassy to get him to St Göran’s Hospital since he didn’t feel too good,” said police spokesperson Eva Nilsson.

The police will report the incident as illegal threats, but since the man has diplomatic immunity he cannot be tried for a crime in Sweden.