76-year old siege man remanded

A 76-year old man shot by police after a siege at his house in Bjärnum, Skåne, southern Sweden, has been remanded in custody suspected of attempted murder.

The man, who was injured in the stomach, has not yet been able to explain to the police what happened. He was arrested early on Saturday morning after police stormed the house.

Prosecutor Jenny Lindell presented charges of attempted murder late on Saturday night.

The alarm had been raised by concerned neighbours late on Friday night. They said that a man had armed himself with several guns and was shooting indiscriminately out of the house. He was shooting out of the house all night and all morning.

He then emerged from the house and shot at the 30 or so police who had come to the scene.

Police say they initially tried to tire him out, but that did not work. They then made the decision to shoot. He was hit, and then retired to the house.

But he still refused to give himself up, and police eventually had to use tear gas. He was eventually found in the attic, and resisted arrest.