Petrol price hits record high

The price of gasoline increased again on Monday. The price will be raised 10 öre to 12.64, a new record following last week's hike.

The increases are said to be caused by the recent global increases in prices of crude oil and gas. Those in turn are blamed on the world political situation.

“The price of crude oil is very much linked to the political concern over Iran and nuclear weapons issues, and this business with North Korea’s missile testing is making the market nervous,” said the head of information at Statoil, Helena Fornstedt.

“This contributes to the fact that there is a kind of risk premium in the price of crude oil,” she added.

But market observers expressed fears that the peak is still to come.

“I hope that it doesn’t become worse and that my worries are confirmed, that gasoline hits 13 kronor per litre before the end of summer,” said Tomas Nilson, spokesman for the Swedish Automobile Association.