Summer barbecue leaves house in ashes

Per Häglerud was at the grill on Sunday trying to get those pesky briquettes lit. When they wouldn't start, he thought he would spray a bit more lighter fluid on to help coax it.

“I waited a little bit before I tipped the bottle again,” said Häglerud, who lives in Trelleborg, in southern Sweden.

“There was just a bit in the bottle. I think there was a gas buildup because when I turned the bottle over, the flame went up into the bottle so it just blew off.”

Realizing his clothes were on fire, Häglerud flung himself to the ground and rolled around trying to smother the flames. Friends rushed to him to try and help.

Of course, during the time when everybody’s eyes were on the flaming chef, nobody noticed the rocket that the lighter fluid bottle had blasted off toward his house that was under construction.

“The whole house burned down in 11 minutes,” he said.

“It burned cars, vegetation and it almost damaged the neighbouring houses. It was pretty tense for a bit,” said rescue worker Christer Trulsson.

Häglerud said he has learned his lesson and hopes others mark his words.

“Don’t ever put more lighter fluid on until it is completely out,” he said.

Häglerud was sent to the hospital with some burns, but was released on Sunday night.