Horse attacks raise Skåne concern

Horses in a town in southern Sweden are the victims of a recent series of mutilations, which has left several animal dead.

For the past 10 days, somebody has been wreaking havoc on horses in the town of Kyrkheddinge, near Staffanstorp in Skåne. Several have been slashed in the back and on their legs and freed from their enclosures, Svenska Dagbladet reported.

It began last week when three horses were let out in the middle of the night and then run over. Two of them died immediately, but one was put out of its misery due to the severe wounds sustained.

“It must be a really sick person, no healthy person would just go out and hurt animals,” said Gunnar Bohlin, a police spokesman.

A few days ago, a horse was slashed with a knife, but was treated successfully thanks to an operation.

Police said there was a similar case in the area in 1999, but they do not know if there is any connection.