Malmö man faces Kosovo extradition

A 46 year old man in Malmö, suspected of murdering a woman in Kosovo, is likely to be taken into custody after a request for his arrest was made on Tuesday by the international prosecutor's office in the city.

“A request has been made for his extradition,” said prosecutor Lars Wilhemlmsson. “It is regarding a murder that occurred during the unrest in Kosovo.”

A Kosovo court ordered the man to be arrested in March. He is believed to have shot and killed a woman in 1998. The man was taken in for questioning by Malmö police and then detained back in May.

He denies the murder and refuses to return to Kosovo. The request for his arrest came from the United Nations Kosovo administration.

The 46-year-old has lived in Sweden since the 1980s and is not known to have committed any crimes here, Kvällsposten reported.