Plastic surgeon put naked pics on Net

A 42-year old Swedish woman has failed in her attempt to win damages from her plastic surgery clinic after images of her naked body appeared on advertising billboards and on the Internet.

The pictures were cut off at the shoulders and the knees, and showed before and after shots taken in connection with an operation on the woman’s abdominal area carried out in 2003. The woman had given permission for the clinic, Plastikkirurgicentrum in Malmö, to use the photos for research purposes.

She sued the clinic for damages of 50,000 kronor, but Malmö district court turned down the claim. The court said that the woman was not identifiable in the photos and that the clinic had therefore done nothing wrong.

The Skåne and Blekinge Appeal Court confirmed the ruling, and told the woman to pay the surgery’s costs of nearly 59,000 kronor.