Man arrested for Uppsala explosion

A man in his twenties was seriously injured in an explosion that he had apparently set off himself outside an apartment block in Uppsala on Friday night. The man was later arrested, suspected of attempted murder.

Police were alerted to the explosion at around 2am on Saturday.

“A witness had heard the explosion and seen a man staggering around outside the property,” said Jan Sjöoquist of Uppsala police.

“The witness’s impression was that the man was injured,” he added.

When police arrived it emerged that the man, who is known to the police, had sustained serious injuries to his hands and face. He was taken to the Uppsala University Hospital, where he underwent operations overnight.

An acquaintance of the man lives in the building where the attack took place. Police say they are not ruling out the possibility that the man was trying to get into the house.

He has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, attempted assault, and causing a public danger.

The explosion caused serious damage to the door of the property. Part of a bomb fuse was also found at the scene.

Police are expected to carry out a forensic examination of the sceneon Saturday. They also plan to interview people in the building and possibly people who know the arrested man.

The man’s condition on Saturday morning was described by the hospital as serious but not life-threatening.