Security vehicle robbed in Sollentuna

A security vehicle was robbed on Saturday afternoon at a shoppping centre in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm. Police were alerted to the raid at the Stinsen shopping centre at 15.39.

According to Stefan Wikman, a spokesman at Securitas, two guards were attacked in an area inside the shopping centre. It was still not clear on Saturday evening whether the robbers got away with any money, but neither of the guards were injured.

“There were two guards and three attackers. Under the circumstances, the guards feel fine,” Wikman told TT.

The robbers wore masks and were armed with a pistol and an axe. Police had reports that shots were fired during the raid.

“That’s the information we have, but it has not yet been confirmed,” said Göran Hummelgård at Stockholm police.

SOS Alarm said that the fire brigade were sent to deal with two cars which had been set on fire, one near Norrviken station and the other near Häggvik station in Sollentuna.

Police suspect that the two burning vehicles could be linked to the robbery.

Some 22 police units, including dog patrols and a helicopter, were sent to hunt for the robbers.

According to Securitas, the fact that two guards were working together during Saturday’s incident had nothing to do with the debate following the robbery in Hallonbergen, in which a lone guard was shot in the face.