Four men drown in Swedish lakes

Four men drowned in separate incidents on Saturday in Sweden.

The first accident occurred in Lake Mjörn outside Alingsås in Västra Götaland. According to police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg, the man, who was in his 50s, had probably been lying in the water for 45 minutes before he was found.

He was taken to Alingsås hospital but doctors were unable to save him. The circumstances around the man’s death were unclear, but police said they did not suspect any crime.

Later on Saturday afternoon, just before 5pm, a 19 year old man drowned at the Tropical beach in central Helsingborg. Police did not release any details about his death but said they had informed his relatives.

Then on Saturday evening a man who was out fishing in Locksjön, a lake south west of Bollnäs, drowned when he fell into the water and became tangled up in a net, Gävle police reported.

Police officers who went to the scene of the incident spoke to a witness but late on Saturday night the man had still not been identified.

Also on Saturday evening, a 27 year old man fell into the water and drowned in Kåsjön, a lake in Partille, outside Gothenburg. He had rowed out alone despite not being able to swim.

Several people witnessed the accident and rowed out in two boats to look for the man. But not until divers from the emergency services arrived at the scene was he found.

After 40 minutes of resuscitation attempts, ambulance personnel announced that the man was dead.