Moderates call for focus on poor language

The opposition Alliance bloc wants to spend 1 billion kronor on training hundreds of teachers to combat students' weak Swedish language skills.

The proposal, presented on Monday in Dagens Nyheter by Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt and the party’s school policy spokesman Sten Tolgfors, said they want to double the number of teachers who receive special training to combat language deficiencies.

The two said 100 million kronor per year will be reserved for the project, and that municipalities would share 1 billion kronor over three years to finance 800 new positions for the newly trained teachers.

Each school will be tested every third year for proficiency and results would be made public.

Reinfeldt and Tolgfors criticize the current Social Democrat-led government for not providing schools with enough specialized teachers, and said students who most need additional help are assisted by people without a formal teacher’s education.

The proposal for new specially trained teachers was published in the Alliance’s school policy program earlier this year.