Armed robbers escape after Arlanda raid

Thieves who raided a security vehicle near Arlanda airport late on Monday night using automatic weapons and explosives are still on the loose.

Police are using helicopters and dog units to track down the criminals, but at 9.30am on Tuesday the four were still at large.

The thieves shot at the truck making it stop, and forced the crew out of the vehicle. The three or four armed men used explosives to open the rear.

“What you can see at the scene is a lot of money bills that are burnt and colored, so it is unlikely that they managed to get away with anything of value,” said Anders Jacobsson, police spokesman.

One of the getaway cars was burned during the explosion, but both were driven away from the crime scene. One was found in an industrial area of Märsta and a second burnt car near Rosersberg manor. Both are thought to have been used in the robbery.

“We have had a bunch of blockades, dogs, and helicopters patrolling during the night, but at this point we have not found anything,” Jacobsson said.

He had no information on the value of the cargo being transported by the vehicle.