‘Alexandra man’ avoided jail sentence in 2002

Last week Atheer Al Suhairy - known to dozens of girls on youth web sites as "Alexandra" - was sentenced to 11 years prison by a Malmö court for sexually assaulting, raping, and seducing 58 girls during the past few years.

But this was not his first time in a Swedish court.

He was convicted in a Gävle court in 2002 for pressuring a 15-year-old girl to give him oral sex.

Al Suhairy came in contact with the girl and her friend on the Internet also under the pseudonym Alexandra. He said he would meet them in a hotel room to talk about modelling.

When the girls arrived, he asked them to have sex with each other. When they said no, he sent one girl away and offered 300 kronor to the 15-year-old for oral sex. She complied, but then went to police, reported Aftonbladet.

The Gävle district court said Al Suhairy should do jail time, but after a correctional system inquiry suggested the man should be given a chance to be rehabilitated, the court sentenced him to probation.

The man was suspected in 1999 for a rape in Sundsvall, but was let go. His interest in young girls was so well known that he was banned from a youth area where he wanted to help as a youth leader, according to TT.