‘Group sex’ protests over Swedish nudist beach

A nudist beach near Laholm, in southwest Sweden, is causing a commotion among locals who think the area has become a popular haunt for some men to, well, enjoy the warm summer weather with their friends.

The reputation of being a hot spot for sex on a nude beach near Hökafältet in Mellbystrand began last summer. Calls began to trickle in about some strange things going on at the beach.

Last week the protests began again when a local, under the nom de plume “A Previous Guest,” wrote a letter to the council describing male group sex and drawing particular attention to the “white butts bouncing up and down”.

“I know that there is a reputation and there have been complaints for several years now, but I myself have never seen anything like that,” said Marie Axtelius, who is responsible for the beaches for the district, to Svenska Dagbladet.

“Of course, it is possible that we might have to consider using supervisors.”

Last summer the district found condom wrappers in the area and received reports of children unknowingly dragging home used condoms found at the beach.

But police have not received any complaints regarding beach sex.

“Each year we get 5 to 10 reports of flashers – but I’ve never heard of male group sex or any other type of sex,” Laholm police spokesman Björn Astell told SvD.