Police hunt Gothenburg bank robbers

An SEB bank branch office in Hisingen, near Gothenburg, was robbed on Thursday morning after thieves broke through the building's glass front door.

Police are still on the hunt for the robbers at lunchtime.

Police were alerted to the incident just after 9am, but the drama was over by the time they arrived. Nobody was injured in the robbery and no shots were fired.

At least two people in dark clothes robbed the bank before making their getaway on at least one motorcycle. It is not yet known how much the thieves made off with.

Police found the motorcycle a mile from the bank. The robbers set out spikes in a tunnel puncturing several car tires. Spikes were also tossed down on the northbound E6.

“We think it was to prevent police cars from leaving the centre and heading to Hisingen,” said Thomas Fuxborg, police spokesman. “It is likely that many people were involved in this.”