Hell’s Angels find protected witness

A Karlstad restaurateur who was set to testify against a Hell’s Angels member in a blackmail trial earlier this year had an unwanted visitor while in police protection.

The man, Bengt, was being moved around by police to different safe houses. On April 26, while waiting at a hotel near Stockholm for police to pick him up and relocate him, two men showed up at the hotel.

One of the men used a mobile phone to take a picture of Bengt. The two then drove away. Soon after, another car pulled up, according to Varmlands Posten. A man Bengt recognized from a meeting he had had together with one of the Hell’s Angels being tried stepped out of the car.

Bengt panicked and ran into a nearby daycare and called police. Two women at the daycare saw a big man in the school looking as though he was searching for somebody.

When the workers asked him he said, “I know who I am looking for.”

Police arrived 15 minutes after, but the big man was already gone.

Bengt told police he did not tell anybody about his location there at the hotel.

During the investigation, it turned out Bengt, the night before his visitor appeared, told the hotel receptionist that he was staying at the hotel with the help of police.

Bengt is now living in secret. Maybe he can keep the secret to himself this time.