51 year old dies after lightning strike

A 51 year old man died on Sunday afternoon after being hit by lightning at a medieval market in Mariefred.

The man was taken by ambulance to Södertälje hospital but was dead on arrival, according to the hospital. Police took another person to Mälar hospital with burns injuries.

“The weather caused chaos in Mariefred and the ambulance service had a lot of trouble getting through due to the terrible conditions,” said Owe Andersson, Södermanland police spokesman, to TT.

The weather brought hail, torrential rain and thunderstorms to parts of Sweden on Sunday afternoon.

The emergency services in Södermanland were at full stretch as the stormy conditions sparked fires and flooding.

Firemen had to use pumps to drain water out of part of Mariefred prison among other places.

The weather caused problems as far north as northern Dalarna. According to SOS Alarm in Falun, over 60 millimetres of rain fell in half an hour, causing holes in the road, over 30 flooding incidents and many cases of water damage.

Lightning struck two homes in the area and caused two forest fires.