Leijonborg: Reinfeldt’s our man

Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg has confirmed that he sees Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt as the obvious candidate to be prime minister if the opposition Alliance wins September's election.

The Alliance has not formally named its preferred prime minister, but the Moderate Party, as the largest of the four parties in the grouping, has been widely expected to provide any Alliance prime minister.

Leijonborg said that “with opinion polls as they are today”, Fredrik Reinfeldt was the “obvious candidate.”

Speaking to Swedish Radio, he said that it was best for the prime minister to come from the largest party.

“Everything points to Fredrik, and I think that he would be great at the job.”

Leijonborg defended the decision of the four parties not to formally name a joint choice for the job of prime minister.

“I don’t see it as a problem for the time being, as everyone considers Fredrik to be the prime ministerial candidate, and with the current position of the opinion polls it is very natural.”

The leader of the Liberals, the second largest opposition party, ruled himself out of contention for the post, except in the case of an unprecedented poll upset.