Dogs stolen from animal hospital

Three dogs used to train veterinary students have been stolen from an animal hospital in Uppsala. Animal rights protesters are suspected of being behind the thefts.

The three beagles were taken from a kennel nextdoor to the animal hospital in Ultuna, Uppsala.

The veterinary school claims that the animals are not used in medical experiment. Ann-Sofie Lagerstedt, who leads the veterinary training at the hospital said it was “crazy” that the dogs had been taken.

“They are not subjected to any kind of distressing experiments. On the contrary, they are easy to steal because they are used to people,” she told Dagens Nyheter.

Lagerstedt said she was particularly worried about one of the beagles, which needs to take medicine regularly for a skin complaint.

The dogs’ kennel was monitored using security cameras, which helped staff notice quickly that the animals were missing. The thefts are believed to have happened between 3pm and 3:30pm on Sunday. Police have no images of the suspected thieves, as the security camera footage at the hospital is not recorded.

Police say they are treating the episode as theft, but say that there is currently no evidence pointing particularly to animal rights activists being responsible.