Glass found in baby food

Markus, an 8-month-old boy in the northern Swedish town of Umeå, was playing in the park with his babysitter and sister when he began to get hungry. After eating half a jar of food, Markus began coughing, spitting out a mix of food, blood and mucus.

The babysitter, Jenny Fahlgren looked down into the jar and saw tiny shards of glass mixed into the food.

“”I thought it was onion and continued to feed him,” Fahlgren said. “But soon came up blood and mucus. That is when I looked down and noticed he was spitting out pieces of glass. There were at least 20 pieces of glass in the can,” Fahlgren said.

Markus was taken immediately to the emergency room where he was kept over night for observation. Markus was allowed to leave the hospital and is well.

Fahlgren has not been able to reach somebody responsible at the baby food company.

“We will never be able to give Markus canned food again,” said his father Tony Holmqvist. “We have decided to make all of his food ourselves from now on.”

Marie Louise Elmgren, spokeswoman for Nestlé, the food manufacturer, said such accident seldom happen and that her company would like to inspect the jar.

“If it happens, it can be because of the person who feeds hits the jar a bit to hard with a metal spoon, so that the spoon breaks a little piece off from the rim of the can,” she said. “I have no explanation for why there were 20 pieces of glass in the jar.”

Elmgren said her company would consider compensation for the accident and said the breakage could have happened during the filling of the jars or during transport.