Boy ‘raped by stepfather’

A man in his twenties from central Sweden has been charged with raping and sexually abusing his ten-year old stepson.

The man, who is 28 and from Motala, between Stockholm and Gothenburg, is accused of assaulting the boy on three different occasions at their home last spring and summer. The boy told acquaintances about the assaults, and these people told the police.

“The crime is being considered as particularly serious due to the boy’s low age, that the boy was in the care of the 28-year old and that the crime was carried out repeatedly and constituted part of a broader pattern of sexual assaults,” prosecutor Britt-Louise Viklund told newspaper Motala Tidning.

During the last assault the 28-year old undressed the boy from the waist down and raped him, the prosecutor claims. The normal prison sentence for rapes of this kind is between four and ten years.