‘Victoria’s house’ goes to royal chum

Rumours of Swedish Crown Princess moving into the royal estate Villa Beylon after marrying have been dashed after the royals asked family friend Michael Storåkers to move into the recently vacated mansion.

Speculation has circulated about where Victoria would live if she were to get married. Princess Christina, the king’s sister, moved out of the house in April. Many eyes looked to Victoria as the likely next resident of the property, which is in the grounds of Stockholm’s Ulriksdal Palace.

“Well, we were asked the question and we said yes,” Storåkers, who has been close to the royals for a while, told Expressen.

Storåkers is involved with Queen Silvia’s World childhood Foundation, and Prince Carl Philip was an intern at Storåkers’ advertising agency. Emma Pernald – Prince Carl Philip’s girlfriend – is even employed by the company.

“There have never been plans for the Crown Princess to have Villa Beylon,” Morgan Gerle, Royal Court spokesman, told The Local. “If the princess gets married and moves out [of Drottningholm], we will inform the public. It is not a question for today.”