Unemployment rises in June

Sweden's official unemployment rate rose to 6.3 percent in June from 4.8 percent in May as summer job seekers entered the market, but fell from 7.1 percent in June a year ago, Statistics Sweden said on Thursday.

The figure does not fully conform to the EU-harmonised Labour Force Survey as it omits certain groups of unemployed people.

The number of people registered as unemployed stood at 298,000 during June, compared to 331,000 in June 2005, while employment amounted to 4.43 million.

Of the 298,000, 50,000 were people who were to begin an employment within three months but were able to work immediately, Statistics Sweden said.

In addition to those officially registered as jobless, the number of people in government job creation schemes was 132,000 in June, up 21,000 from a year earlier.

A further 203,000 people wanted and were able to work, but either had not sought a job in the last four weeks or were studying whilst actively seeking and able to accept work.